Miles Davis, circa 1950s.


Miles Davis, circa 1950s.



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Tahoe the Orphan Black Bear Cub [video]

Social Media Rant

I do love social media.  It’s made my life funner.  I’ll admit that it did open the door to some treachery, but all in all, it’s been enjoyable.  It helps me through my boring workdays.  It connects me to people I ordinarily wouldn’t know much about, people I’d air-kiss at parties and feel too shy to get to know.

I saw a post this morning from someone who is a serial lurker on Facebook, someone who normally displays great disdain for it, its habitual users and how others use it.  I guess if others use it in ways this person does not, then it’s somehow “wrong”.  He/she started off by qualifying the post with a “I don’t like it when people use Facebook to vent, judge or self-promote, BUT…” and then went on to vent, judge and self-promote.  I mean, really.

I have some FB friends who post once in a while, when they have something they think is worth saying.  My husband is like that.  I have friends who use it to post nothing but fabulous pictures of their fabulous lives.  There are some who live alone and don’t have significant others so they use it as a way to connect and mention whatever it is that’s on their minds.  Some do that 20 times a day and yes, I DO roll my eyes sometimes.  I also just keep scrolling.  Some post one thing per year, usually a photo of a dusty cashew they found under their bed.  So mysterious, they are.  And some post passive-aggresive statuses meant to rile up whoever isn’t reading their minds clear enough.  I don’t care.  I JUST KEEP SCROLLING.

But the one thing I really hate—more than announcements about how many diet Cokes they’ve gone through that day and more than pictures of their frosty cold pints of beer.  It’s the shame-rant about how OTHER people use Facebook.  If someone needs to mention that the weather is chilly then so be it.  Why complain that they’re complaining about the weather?  If someone wants to express disappointment that their favorite TV show got cancelled, why do others need to hastag “First world problem” and make them feel like an entitled dork about it?  If someone had a bad experience and wants to vent, why retort that there are bigger problems in the world than a shitty day in the Target return line?  It’s just mean and petty.  I guess those people think we should just all shut up and stop using the platform that we’re ALL on?  Then they’d have nothing and no one to complain about.

Which brings me to the ironic point that I’m complaining about what others complain about.  Not lost on me.  I just wanted to VENT about how shitty it is to try to shame other people for how they choose to use social media.  Shut up and keep scrolling. Thank you.


photos from chobe national park in botswana and kenya’s masai mara by (click pic) nevil lazarus, franz lanting, paul goldstein, mario moreno and marcel van oosten. august 12 is world elephant day. give current poaching trends, the african elephant will be extinct within a decade.  (see also: previous elephant posts)

Happy World Elephant Day!

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.
Sigmund Freud (via lazyyogi)

Vertigo (1958) dir. Alfred Hitchcock